Enthusiasts Calligraphy Course - Online

Intermediate Modern Calligraphy Online Four Week Course.

This course will run on Tuesday evenings from 6.30-7.30pm via Zoom for four weeks.
Tuesday 17th May
Tuesday 24th May
Tuesday 31st May
Tuesday 7th June

Come and join me for a creative calligraphy enthusiasts course. This enthusiasts workshop will teach you how to create next level magic with calligraphy.

Across four weeks you will take your calligraphy skills to the next level. Week one we will start by looking at word development, leading on to defining your own style in week two, then using different tools in week three and finishing with writing on various materials in the final week. This set of workshops will give you the knowledge and skills to take your calligraphy further.

You must be confident with the basic drills & letter formations to take part in this workshop as no time will be taken to go over these. 

You will need the following items which can be purchased from the calligraphy store (you will be sent a code once you have signed up for a 10% discount code)
Penholder & Nib that you are most comfortable using
Black Ink
Practise paper

The tools we will go through in week three and would be worth having to hand
Flat and Metallic Ink (specifically the stores handmade ones however we will talk about other brands)
Finetec Ink
Nibs - a selection, Blue Pumpkin, Hunt 101 and Gillott 404 are the usual ones I go through however I am happy to talk about others!

Specific materials I will go through in week four are -
Textured / handmade paper
Wood (smooth ie/ply)
However you do not need all of them to take part, we will be talking through the different tools I use to work with different materials and troubleshooting.

All worksheets will be sent to you via email to print before the course starts.

The workshops will be held on Zoom, if you cannot make the sessions then they will be recorded and a link to these recordings will be sent out via email and will be available for 3 months.

Please note that workshop and course tickets are non refundable.

This course is currently for sale at an introductory price and will increase for the next round. 

If you have any questions about suitability then please feel free to ask before booking!

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