The Calligraphy Store is brought to you by Oh Wonder Calligraphy and is a leading supplier of Modern Calligraphy tools and materials.

Hi! I am Lauren and I am the face and hands behind Oh Wonder & The Calligraphy Store. Based in the London Borough of Bromley, I live with my fellow designer boyfriend, toddler son and two dogs. I am a graphic designer, self-taught calligrapher and have spent the last six years perfecting the art of Modern Calligraphy. After working on multiple weddings I started Oh Wonder in January 2016, specialising in modern calligraphy and handmade stationery.

The Calligraphy Store has been a part of my brand for the past couple of years but in late 2018 I decided that it needed it's own identity and website where I could build it into one of the leading destinations for all things Modern Calligraphy. 

I started making my own inks when I couldn't find the perfect tone gold for an envelope addressing commission. I started to experiment with mixing colours and from there I created all my own inks for jobs I was doing. A friend of mine asked me to create an ink to match her branding so that she could write personalised notes to her clients and when she received the ink she suggested I offered it as a service to other people. From there I launched my first three inks - grey, mint and pale pink. Now I have over 50 different colours, each lovingly handmade by me in my studio and then store has expanded into many other tools used for Calligraphy all tried and tested by myself. I have never and will never sell anything that I wouldn't use myself.

In September 2018 my debut book Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering was released, a labour of love that is the perfect guide to all things modern calligraphy for everyone from the beginner to the advanced.

I am addicted to diet coke, always have my hair in a topknot, am a country girl at heart and you will usually find me writing lots of lovely words in my garden studio, walking through the local park daydreaming or trying to share my lap with a tiny human and tinier dogs.