Calligraphy Lovers Kit

Please note that we are currently out of stock of the large kit boxes. Your kit will still include all the below but will come housed in our smaller beginners kit boxes with the larger items seperately.

Introducing the ultimate kit for modern calligraphy lovers.

This kit is the perfect gift for someone who is already in love with the art of modern calligraphy. For beginners please see our ultimate beginners kit.

The Kit includes -
A copy of my book Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering (there is an option without this)
Practise Pad
Three coloured inks of your choice (options below)
Wooden Straight Holder (assorted colours)
Plastic Oblique Holder
Set of 7 modern calligraphy nibs including a Nikko G, Brause 361 aka Blue Pumpkin, Leonardt EF Principal, Gillot 303 and 404, Hunt 101 and Hunt 22.

All kits come housed in a grey box with a hot foil logo on, making it the perfect gift.

Ink Choices

Marigold, Turquoise, Raspberry, Cornflower Blue, Pale Blue, Teal, Pale Pink, Sage, Grey, Mint, Peach, White, Black, Purple, Lavender, Green, Bright Blue, Bright Pink, Navy, Rust, Emerald, Forest Green, Olive Green, Red Ochre, Mustard, Red, Dark Grey, Pastel Green, Pale Grey, Blush, Nude, Mauve, Rose, Lemon, Coral, Sunshine, Azure, Seafoam.

Rose Gold, Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Pink Gold, Pale Gold, Gunmetal, Metallic Blue, Metallic Lavender

Please make sure to add your ink choices at checkout. 

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