Drills and Basic Strokes Digital Download Worksheet

Downloadable Calligraphy Worksheets including 30 different calligraphy exercises. Essential for practise and warm ups.

These worksheets have been designed to be downloaded and printed off to aide your calligraphy practise. 

Drills are the basic foundations for modern calligraphy, not only are they the best way to learn they are also a crucial tool for warming up no matter how experienced in calligraphy you are. These worksheets are designed to help beginners to learn (although please note they are designed to be used in addition to one of our beginners kits for beginners please see below)and more advanced calligraphers to warm up!

The following worksheets include a variety of different drills designed to work on your muscle memory, pressure control and shape formation. Each different exercise has a line to trace and then a line to go freehand. You will find little tips and how to's for each exercise. If you are a beginner and don’t feel confident going freehand keep tracing until you do! Muscle memory is one of the most important factors when learning calligraphy which is achieved from lots of repetition so keep going back over the exercises.

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