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Modern Calligraphy for Enthusiasts
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Join me online for a covid safe Modern Calligraphy Workshop!

Hosted on zoom this intermediate workshop will expand your calligraphy skills further. You must be confident with the basic drills & letter formations to take part in this workshop as no time will be taken to go over these. After warming up we will explore creating word development and defining your unique style. We will also take a look at more advanced tools including various nibs and inks.

The workshop will last 2 hours and you will need a device which you can use zoom on.

Below is a tool list, you may already have them or you can purchase them from my store, The Calligraphy Store. If you are ordering please make sure your order is placed by the 8th February to allow enough time to get your order out to you.

You will need:

Basics that you probably already have include

Penholder - Straight or oblique whichever you are most comfortable with. Please note I use a straight holder and this is what I will be using throughout the workshop.

Nib that you are comfortable with and use most frequently.

Black ink

Practise paper

Pencil, ruler & eraser

Needed specifically for what we will cover in this workshop

A selection of nibs - we will explore using different nibs so it would be useful to have a selection to try. It is up to you which you use. If purchasing new I would recommend Hunt 22, Gillott 404, Brause 361 or Leonardt 40 & a G nib (Nikko or Zebra)

Finetec Ink & a paint brush

Coloured ink , flat colour and metallic.

You can find all the above in the store and for 10% off you can use the code ZOOM10.

You will receive a link to the workshop via email prior to the workshop. Please make sure that your email address is correct when you purchase your ticket. This link must not be shared with anyone else - names will be checked before the workshop starts!

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